Spring Term Project PBL “Women who changed the world” SI 20 & ELL 20

March 15, 2021

SI 20 & ELL 20 groups have presented their Project Based Learning results devoted to the International Women’s Day. The project name was “Women who changed the world” where the students had to research the topics, learn the found materials, make selection and create the presentations. It started in February 3, 2021 and lasted one month. Students of both groups worked in pairs during the project.  The purpose of the project was to develop certain competencies and skills during the project. They are the ability to put goals to achieve, do the research, analyze the materials, think critically, draw the conclusion, speak in public, respect other people’s opinion, be flexible and tolerant during the learning process, etc. On the 3rd of March, 2021 each pair shared their final products- PPP, Video presentation, PDF presentations with group mates. Well done

SI 20 & ELL 20! You did a great job!