AIU student in Poland under the Erasmus+ program

February 8, 2023

The Erasmus+ program develops cooperation between countries that promotes academic development, as well as research on the quality obtained in the countries of education participating in the program. Educational institutions in Europe that offer higher education with higher quality will be better staffed with personnel that meet all the requirements of the business world.

The Ala-Too International University annually sends its students to this program, giving a unique opportunity to spend one semester in foreign universities. Another student of the Department of Linguistics of the AIU, Zarina Sultanmuratova, who spent six months of her studies at the University of Łódź, Poland under the Erasmus+ program, shares her experience:

“A trip to Poland is an amazing experience in my life. I studied at the best university, made acquaintances with people from different countries, and also traveled in my spare time. Having been to another part of the world, I realized that nothing is impossible for a person. I am grateful to the Erasmus+ program for a great opportunity to expand knowledge of the youth!” - added AIU student.