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The Linguistic department was opened in 2006. Now it has 81 students. Students study to make translations in four languages: English, Kyrgyz, Russian and Turkish. The Department provides foreign language courses such as French and German. Student's knowledge of their own and other cultures is broadened and deepened by some social activities such as picnics, birth day parties, competitions, translation facilities, Cinema translation, Newspapers, magazine, research activities, extra lessons etc. under the guidance of Translation Club

At the same time, the Linguistic department is pursuing its ongoing modernization program involving the use of new technology to improve the quality of work and increase productivity.

  • Training competitive simultaneous interpreters for providing international multilateral professional communication;
  • Training Bachelors on Simultaneous Interpretation from Kyrgyz and Russian into English and vice verse.
  • continuous improvement of educational program on simultaneous interpretation according to the demands of global labor market;
  • provision of students’ practical training on Linguistic department at international symposiums, conferences, summits and forums;
  • to provide students’ academic mobility;
  • to enhance high employability of graduates


Administrative personnel (Head of department)

Ibrahim Koncak

Position: Head of Department

Office: D-block 400

Phone: 0 555 95-58-97

Subjects: Philosophy


Laboratories of SI

The Department has a computer and translation lab (for simultaneous and consecutive interpretations). There is very comfortable and modern equipment for oral interpretation. Moreover the department has opened a multimedia class for our students in order to provide them with audio and video courses. Curriculum objectives include the improvement of the students' oral and written communication skills in their mother tongue and the development of their skills in one or more foreign languages to the level required for a translator's working language. Laboratory 404 is equipped with a projector connected to the computer, where students and teachers present their presentations. There is Satellite TV with a help of which students can do oral or written translations. Students can listen to the records given by the teacher and translate them immediately. Laboratory 409 is used for computer-aided translation. There are 20 computers connected to the Internet where students use translation programs like TRADOS, PROMP, WORDFAST and many other programs. Laboratory 410 is equipped the most modern equipment for oral interpretation which includes headphones, microphones both for the speaker and interpreters, two booths, regulators of sound and regulators of channels. There students can make simultaneously two interpretations in two different languages in the booths. And others can enjoy their translation by choosing which interpretations they will listen to. So, all laboratories of the departments have projectors, computers and TV.

We are glad with our teaching staff for their hard work, and important contribution in the development of educational process in our department. And we wish all the best for our students in their studies and in their personal lives as well.

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In 2012 the departments had 13 and 22 graduates in 2013. Now most of them are working with English as a translator and English teacher in the language centers. 6-10 graduates are working abroad like Dubai, America and Russia. 2 of them are working in SI department of International University of Ataturk-Alatoo as assistants.



Linguistic department sends its students to the translation agencies, language centers, international organizations and embassies where they translate different kinds of documents. Sometimes they can do oral translations in the meetings and conferences. If a student wants go abroad in the summer they can go to Turkey to have a practice. Besides there are many exchange programs,


Head of Department Ibrahim Koncak    Dean of the faculty Seitbek Tilekov