Interpretation Laboratory is equipped with modern equipments for oral interpretation which includes a smart board a laptop, two booths and 20 units of interpretation: headphones, microphones both for the speaker and interpreters, regulators of sound and regulators of channels. There students can make interpretations simultaneously in two different languages in the booths. And others can enjoy the moment by choosing which channels they want to hear.
Computer Laboratory: Room for Computer Aided Translation. There are 20 computers connected to the Internet where students use translation programs like TRADOS, PROMP, WORDFAST.
Multimedia Room is equipped with a projector connected to the computer, where students and teachers present their presentations. There is Satellite TV with a help of which students can do oral or written translations. Students can listen to the records given by the teacher and translate them immediately. We are glad with our teaching staff for their hard work, and important contribution in the development of educational process in our department. And we wish all the best for our students in their studies and in their personal lives as well.